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Welcome to the Greatest Thing to Happen to You Today

Mental Discharge is an online magazine dedicated to mocking the absurdities of popular culture. Our questionable takes and ridiculous tirades fall into one of three categories: extremely funny, horribly derogatory, or incredibly stupid. Each article represents the immature ramblings of its author, built upon his or her personal misadventures in a bewildering world that we pretend to understand, but really don't. So, if you have a sense of humor and a twisted mind, we invite you to hop onboard this magic carpet ride.

Topics and discussions on MD are largely covered in the form of letters, written representations of sounds made during human speech. Each letter is presented alongside other letters to form "words," printing that symbolizes ideas and meanings. These words are, in turn, strung out from left to right to form "sentences," each containing a subject and predicate. When you see the little "." symbol, that means a sentence has stopped and a new one might begin. For more information on how to read, please visit your local library. It's the really tall building with the empty parking lot.

Mental Discharge employs individuals with a diverse set of skills beset within "the spectrum." Each contributor brings a unique talent to the table and puts forth their efforts in ways only a mother could love. If dignity isn't a trait you value and you'd like to be a part of our rag-tag team of total degenerates, please join us.

Mental Discharge VI: The Second Return is the newest chapter in the Mental Discharge saga. Featuring a new design, fresh user interface, and community-based atmosphere, MD's latest version continues Steve's epic journey in maintaining a site actively for more than a month.

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