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Promote an Open Business With Anti-Mandate Entry Signs

Let patrons of your business know they can feel safe inside your establishment from the tyrannical posturing of worthless politicians.

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The proliferation of health mandates in the form of mask requirements and proof of vaccination skyrocketed last year. The world was duped by medical institutions and political figures who promised COVID-19 would disappear if we simply emptied our minds, wrapped up our faces, and nodded our heads. Consequently, businesses across the country adorned their entrances with signage requiring such submission in order to continue to operate. Now that the public are realizing these efforts were futile from the very beginning, establishments can promote this new awakening. Mental Discharge's Anti-Mandate Entry Signs let patrons know they can trust you and your business to think outside of the box.

Click a sign to see it in greater detail. Each printable sign is presented in delicious, 300dpi quality.


Select a desired sign.
Select the sign you want by clicking its corresponding image with your mouse or touching it with your grubby little finger. This act is performed by engaging impulses from your brain to your arm via the nervous system.

Print your desired sign.
Print the sign from your printer using precious ink that cost more than the printer itself.

Affix your sign to your business entrance.
Attach the sign to the entrance of your business to instill comfort and confidence in your patrons as they enter to contribute actual tangibility to the economy.

Now that the CDC has acknowledged masks are worthless, face covering signs can be replaced to encourage people to go without them.

Since the vaccine is ineffective in preventing transmission, denying patrons who didn't receive it can be endorsed as a moot point.

Establishments that tried to inspire unity through fear of the pandemic can now inspire the same to let that fear go.

With continuous mask wearing causing more issues than they resolve, associating health with breathing air naturally can resume.

Prominent signage demanding society must mask to function can be replaced with the notion that wearing them at all, especially when alone, is dumb.

The relentless push for social distancing, proven to provide no benefit whatsoever, can be discontinued.

Detailed signage instructing patrons how to follow unsubstantiated guidelines can be substituted with steps to avoid falling into such traps in the future.

With PCR kits proving to be highly inaccurate and China reinstating anal swabs as a means to test, the need to bother customers with either can be eliminated.

There is no point in asking people to head for the goalpost if it keeps getting moved every time they reach it.

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